save your sight from winter's woes
Winter takes a toll on your eyes. It might be raining but winter air can be drier than other times of the year and glare is still there.
— grace lang

Tip 1 Outdoors

Keep those sunglasses on. The winter sun is low in the sky and glare from wet roads or - if you're lucky enough to be on a winter holiday -  from snow, can still cause UV damage to your eyes. Don't be fooled and keep your sunglasses handy.


tip 2 outdoors

Watch out for wind. Wonder why your eyes water even in the cold? Often wind is to blame. Winter winds can be brutal. Cold, strong and dry, wind will irritate your eyes and cause them to tear. Tearing is a reflex your eyes have to protect your corneas from drying out by replacing moisture. Protect your eyes from wind by wearing glasses when outside or goggles if you are on the slopes.


tip 3 indoors

Moderate your air-conditioning. Whether you are at work, at home or in the car, heating and air conditioning are on constantly in winter, drying out the air. The lower humidity means you need to watch out for dry, irritated eyes and keep eye drops handy. Keep the car heater focused on your feet, not your eyes!

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