do you have customer parking?

Street parking is available along Ponsonby Road at no charge. Additional free parking is also often available in the parking lot behind the BNZ in Redmond Street, Ponsonby. 

do you clean glasses?

Absolutely. Cleaning is free for existing Grace Lang Optometry patients, and a small charge if otherwise. 

how long does a general eye test take?

A general eye test takes approximately 45 minutes. If you decide to go ahead and select frames at the same time, allow up to 60 minutes in total. 

is an eye test painful?

Definitely not. If you are having your first eye test we know that some of the equipment might look a little daunting! But no, eye tests are not painful. 


can i bring in my own frames to have optical lenses fitted?

You certainly can.  One thing to bear in mind is that the laboratories which fit optical lenses into frames bear no responsibility for breakage. So make sure your frames are in top condition. 

can i fit optical lenses to my sports glasses?

We often get this question from cyclists or runners who need specific glasses designed for the rigours of their sport, and who also need optical lenses. 

It is very likely optical lenses can be fitted to your sports frames.  However not all sports frames are designed the same, so bring along your glasses to Grace and she will make a recommendation.